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Home Staging

BigTrux Moving Services offers you the most reliable, professional home staging in Central Arkansas. Our team works carefully to move your staging items from house to house while also unloading them and setting them up however you want.

Excellent Service

Moving your home staging items, whether it’s a bed, couch, or set of chairs with a table, requires long hours packing, loading, moving, and unloading it all. But when you choose us, you won’t have to do any of it. Our team will do all the work with fast, honest, and on-time service no matter how much inventory there is to move and how far we have to move it.

The BigTrux Difference

And unlike other home staging moving companies, we’re accountable for everything we touch. If it’s furniture, we double wrap it. If it’s a delicate item, we pack it with the softest pads and most protective packing paper. That’s because we aim to exceed your expectations, and make your staging easy and worry-free.

Transparent Quotes

We also provide the fairest, most transparent quotes. There are no hidden fees or sales gimmicks at any point in the move or afterward. We value honesty and professionalism, and our movers bring these qualities to every job.

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Plan Your Move With BigTrux

Plan Your Paperwork & Inventory

Along with the convenience of being completely digital, we inventory every item of yours before we move it. After this, you and our crew leader will go through and electronically sign a bill of lading (BOL). This contract details everything from your items and location to the cost and delivery time. It also helps give you transparency during the entire process.

Plan Your Payment

You’ll have a $100 deposit upfront for your move no matter the size of the job. We take total payment after we’ve delivered your items and after you’ve inspected them and approved everything by signing the BOL.

Plan Your Delivery

Not only can you get text and email updates about your delivery, but when it’s all done, you and our crew leader will go through the BOL again to ensure the delivery of your items. This helps keep us accountable but also helps give you the most peace of mind for the move. 

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Why Choose Us!

When you use BigTrux to handle your residential move, you get Central Arkansas’ most professional, hard-working crew to carry the load for you. We take pride in what we do, and we’re committed to giving you the fastest service at the most affordable price.